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Poem No. 5 by Maximilian Mauracher
Poem No. 5 by Maximilian Mauracher

Poem No. 5 by Maximilian Mauracher

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This print was created for our exhibition FROM US: Together Forever Sometimes. We began with thirty untitled and unauthored poems by Molly-Margaret Johnson & Kareem Rahma. By eliminating titles and byline for each poem, the audience is given an opportunity to connect more viscerally with the work by having to read between the lines without preconceptions of race, gender or sexual orientation. The outcome is an ouroboros of words written by two uniquely different individuals coming together.

Maximilian is a Berlin-based graphic designer and visual artist putting simplicity and clarity at the heart of his monochromatic works.

Screen print, digital
18" x 24"

Limited edition of 50

5. Enthusiasm trumps technical skill
a. I’m READY!!!!! ;)

Follow the sound
a. Pussies make sounds?

Ask her what she wants.
a.“Hey, do you need me to pick anything up from the bodega?”

Hit the G-spot
a. Is that near the old Metrodome?

Don’t give her an orgasm. Allow her to have one.
 a. Wow. That’s hot.

Eat it like a $5 Popeyes box.
 a. I’m getting horny. Please stop.

Ass is fair game.
a. I’m close.

Keep going doesn’t mean change what you’re doing.
 a. Oh god, it’s happening.

 Tell her it tastes like heaven.
a. I’m cUmMinG.

She comes first
a. ¯\_(;/)_/¯